App Development

We build your mobile app.

App Development

We build your mobile app.

  • What we offer.

    Solutions for mobile devices

    Your business needs a mobile presence - to communicate with your customers as they pull out their smartphones, to keep your employees informed when they are on the go, to allow your suppliers to work closer with you. AppTastic is your single point of contact throughout the whole development lifecycle of your mobile solution - from the initial discovery phase to storyboards, wireframes and through to the delivery of the final app.

  • How we work.

    With you all the way

    Our approach to delivery is centered around you and the users you have in mind. We understand that your objectives, constraints and stakeholders can change, and we focus the usability aspects of your mobile solution around the specific needs of your humanoid users. Rather than trying to deliver the perfect solution next year, we will get you a great solution today.

  • It's your turn.

    How do you get started?

    To get you started towards a mobile solution for your business we run a two hour discovery workshop where we explore where your business currently experiences painpoints that a mobile solution could address, and what the main goals of such a mobile solution in the context of your business would be. We can also answer any questions around technology, integration with your existing IT infrastructure and service offerings, or costs that you may already have on that occasion.

Our Customers

Across All Industry Verticals

Our Customers

Across All Industry Verticals


Mobile Data Capture & Report Generation for an Agriculture Consulting Company

Alfalpha is a software system AppTastic developed for Alpha Group Consulting, Australia's premier lucerne seed consulting business. To facilitate the mobile recording of pest data on clients paddocks, AppTastic built an iPad App to be used for data collection out in the field, as well as a backend that holds the data centrally, synchronises data across the iPads and automates the generation of reports & data charts for Alpha Group's clients. A web frontend is also provided for client administration.

Client: Alpha Group Consulting Pty Ltd
Date: 2013/2014 View online


Simple communication

Call-Come is the simplest app for peer-to-peer communication. Send your location to mum or a group of friends with the tap of one button; add an image or even a video. It's dead simple. Call-Come can be used by anyone, from a four year old child to a grandparent who has been leap-frogged by technology. It works just with the press of two buttons and can be an essential tool for communication. Even users who are speech or hearing impaired are well catered for. A hands-free recording can be sent without even needing to type.

View online

Client: Peter Baron
Date: 2013


Information for Parents in the Sutherland Shire community

The ShireParents app is a great example of how AppTastic works with local businesses and organisations. We enjoy being based in and working with clients in the Shire - and built the ShireParents app as well as the backend that provides the content for it for the Sutherland Business Education Network. The free app allows students and their parents in the Shire to get easy access to relevant information regarding Education & Training (i.e. University, Schools, College and Traineeships), Careers (choosing a career path, taking a gap year) as well as Family Support Services.

View online

Client: Sutherland Business Education Network
Date: 2013

Water Slides

Find the perfect one for your backyard

The Water Slides app was built as a mobile brochure for both resellers and the general public. It showcases Aqua Actions portfolio of high end water slides for your swimming pool and gives you quick and easy access to the slides main features and benefits. There's no need to carry brochures around anymore - high quality photos and videos show how pool owners everywhere can get more fun out of their pool.

Client: Aqua Action Slides Pty Ltd
Date: 2012 View online

The BugDetective

Identify Australian Critters

Spotted a vicious looking spider in the backyard? Is it poisonous? Or just a big huntsman? The BugDetective knows - and allows you to quickly find out what it is you're looking at. Whether it's a bug, beetle, spider, termite or other kind of insect - with the BugDetective app you simply snap a photo, and our experts identify the critter for you in no time. You can also send an existing photo of a creepy crawly from your photo library.

View online

Client: C & J Urey Pty Ltd
Date: 2012

GeoNet Quake

Earthquake Activity In New Zealand

The official GeoNet Quake app shows you when earthquakes occur in New Zealand. You can filter quakes by intensity or location, so get informed when a quake happens near your current location. You get near real time messages sent to your iPhone or iPad when quakes occur. The app displays recent quakes in a list or a map and you can also share quakes via Twitter or Facebook.

View online

Client: Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences
(GNS Science)
Date: 2012


Listen in to your website’s heartbeat

MojoMonitoring is a customer experience monitoring service that watches over the health of your transactional website and provides real time alerting and performance stats at the tap of the button. Mojo typically monitors services such as Internet Banking, online brokerage and eCommerce sites, where an end user that cannot use the online service translates directly into lost revenues for the operator of the online application. MojoMonitoring is a fully automated service that monitors health, availability and performance of your online application, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It provides you with data on the health of your system in real time. With the new MojoMonitoring iPhone App you can listen in to your website’s heartbeat at any time, get alert to any problems with Push Notifications and check the performance of your transactions from the convenience of your mobile phone.

Date: 2012 View online


One Step Away From Nature


One Step Away From Nature

We are AppTastic

AppTastic is the mobile solutions provider within the Digital Hive, a digital services holding company that comprises several software driven service businesses. It was founded in 2001 and has since established a wide customer base across industry and government. Since 2007 we have worked increasingly in the mobile space and as a result AppTastic was set up to focus entirely on mobile solutions, while still being able to draw on the enterprise background of the company as a whole. We are located in Sutherland in the south of Sydney, a 5 minute walk from the Sutherland train station.

  • Patrick Dockhorn


    Veteran software engineer and online entrepreneur. Rides his bicycle to work, plays soccer and kindles a lot.

  • Jennifer Dockhorn

    Operations & Administration

    Looking after the day to day operations of the five business units within DHive. Plays tennis and rides the bicycle.

  • Samira Cheurfi

    Operations & Marketing

    If it’s impressions, clicks, conversions or orders, Samira handles the analytics and operations. She would not survive without music.

  • Nathalie Bressa

    Mobile Software Engineer

    Already seasoned in all things mobile, Nathalie is also developing a taste for Ruby on Rails, the web framework favoured at the Digital Hive.

  • Ryan Johnstone

    Software Engineer

    Ruby on Rails and iOS developer. Left Manchester to work at AppTastic, but of course still supports Manchester United.

  • Anja Koppenhöfer

    Design & Usability

    Makes sure our apps and mobile sites turn out both beautiful and usable. Plays the trumpet, takes photographs and loves nature.

Grow your skills through an internship with AppTastic

Experience work & life in Australia • Be part of a young & dynamic team • Improve your life, technical & language skills

AppTastic is offering international students with a background in Software Development or Design an opportunity to join us for a 4-6 months internship. Over the years we have created our own mix of agile best practises to drive our iterative development using a range of modern tools – on the frontend it's either HTML5, CSS and JavaScript (Web) or Objective-C (iPhone) and Java (Android), in the backend we use primarily Ruby on Rails and to some degree J2EE - for a designer we're looking for InDesign, Photoshop as well as - ideally - HTML and CSS skills.

If that sounds interesting to you, we currently have internships starting in February, March, August and September 2017. We work with IAESTE Australia, however you can also apply directly with us. Simply send your resume, why and when you want to come to and we will get in touch with you.

Free Quote

Simply describe your idea/project in a few words
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Free Quote

Simply describe your idea/project in a few words
and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Your idea is safe with us. If you prefer to have a signed NDA before disclosing details of your idea/project simply
mention this in your message and we'll forward you a signed NDA.


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